giovedì 3 marzo 2011

Sergio Davanzo espone ad Artexpo di Arezzo dal 17 marzo al 21 marzo 2011

Mala tempora currunt.
Our current questionable in my opinion, is a sick society. Ugly. Focus on 'ephemeral. The appearance is more important than Being.
The items of expenditure must for many of us are the "charge" calls, the monthly installment of the gym, the weekly quota in beauty, the designer clothes on sale ... I attend a drama for a nail lacquer imperfect. Horrified to see a superfluous hair from tick-floss swimsuit. Indifference to the tragedies of those "shadows" from landing barges in Lampedusa coming from Africa.

These tables exhibited in my "Coffee Time" containing my "values" and my "Code of Honor."

Are indecipherable?
Why would the opposite?

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